Psychic and Spiritual Readings can interplay and occur within the same reading. 

A Medium contacts the other side and brings through information for the client to consider. A Medium cannot control or dial up any person the Client wants to hear from. This is up to the Divine Source, and the Medium does not usually know before-hand who is going to come through for the Client, nor can he control what the visitors in spirit want to communicate. Often our loved ones will come with an important message. This is their opportunity to make amends, evolve themselves, and help the client heal and grow. One or more persons in spirit can come through in a reading and will usually give information to identify themselves. This information comes through from the world of spirit to the Medium in many ways:


Clairvoyance is the ability to see things that others cannot see. It is considered a 6th sense. It may be a vision of the future, or the past. A Medium contacts a seer; a person who is able to see visions, symbols, objects, auras, angels, guides, past lives, seeing those who have passed over.


The ability to hear communication from the spiritual world.


Intuition, sixth sense - smells, changes in temperature. For example, the Medium may feel a sudden pain in their chest - the spiritual loved one is trying to convey to the Medium that they passed over with chest pain. Taste may also be used to convey information through our senses.